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Trilovin 250, 500

I began having female problems in the year of 2000. In 2001, I had a partial hysterectomy. Soon after I began heaving pain, swelling mood swings and went to my Medical doctor for help. An ultrasound found a 6.4 cm. cyst on my right ovary Surgery was in store for me as per my doctor; my doctor was going to admit me to remove the cyst. I spoke to my brother who said he had a product which would balance my hormones and to hold off on surgery. Soon my package of Trilovin 250 arrived. I began taking it immediately, 6 tablets per day. Immediately the energy level I felt, was incredible! Soon, my complexion mood swings and swelling began to disappear. Still being skeptical I went to see my doctor and to my surprise the cyst which was quite large prior to taking the Trilovin 250 could not be found. Thanks to Trilovin 250 I no longer needed surgery and feel absolutely great. Sincerely, [Cynthia A. Davis]

I own a pool cleaning service, and I began with 1500 mg per day. After 30 days my arthritis symptoms had subsided and I had a better range of motion with my arms. I definitely had more energy, and have even grown new hair on my scalp where my natural hair had thinned over the years. [Roger, age 60]

After 5 weeks of taking 1000 mg of Trilovin 250, my energy and stamina increased dramatically. I lost over 10 pounds of excess weight and increased my muscle tone through more physical activity. [Steve, age 42]

After just 7 days, my libido and energy increased dramatically. By the end of 2 weeks, my arthritis symptoms diminished, and by 3 weeks my mood and sense of well-being were elevated enough that I stopped taking my Prozac. [Terry, age 47]

I took 1500 mg of Trilovin 250 for 30 days. I sleep better, Iíve noticed better muscle definition, and my sexual performance is more satisfying. [Bill, age 53]

My husband and I both took 500 mg of Trilovin 250 per day for 15 days. We noticed an increase in our energy levels and our sexual relationship has definitely been enhanced. [Gloria, age 42]

Prior to starting my period, I have cramping in my lower back and stomach - that all over, achy feeling. Also, since my late 30s, the headaches are intense and my eyes are sensitive to light. I have tried all kinds of over-the-counter medications. I noticed immediate relief after taking Trilovin 250. Now my 17-year-old daughter takes it too. [Odessa, age 42]

My husband works long hours and odd shifts. It had an on our sex life. He began taking Trilovin 250 and after 2 weeks, that part of our relationship improved tremendously. By the end of 4 weeks, I suggested that maybe he stop taking it for awhile as the product appeared to be working too well. [Gwen, age 40]

I do marketing, including product testing, for a living so I approached Trilovin 250 as if I was evaluating it professionally. I took it to see if it would have an effect on some of the menopause symptoms I'd been having. The hot flashes went away immediately. I also noticed after only a day or two that my energy level had increased and psychologically, I felt a lift. [Barbara, age 49]

By the end of 4 weeks, my energy level was noticeably higher and I had an increased sense of well being, as well as increased libido. (Patti has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C). [Patti, age 58]

After menopause I gained weight and lost interest in sex. I began an exercise and diet program and saw weight loss and health benefits. Recently, after taking 750 mg of Tribulus for 20 days - There was a noticeable increase in stamina and libido. [Margaret]

As a Doctor of Chiropractic and Research Consultant for several Nutrition companies, my interest in this particular study are the effects and performance increases in students of the martial arts.
The students were informed of potential endurance increases from using this product and no other information was presented. Males and females ranging from 21-24 years of age (20 total) participated.
Two females, using 3-4 tablets a day, noticed strength changes almost immediately as reflected in increased push-ups and sit-ups. Four to five days into the study, 75% of males noticed increases in push-ups and sit-ups along with increased endurance times of round-fighting and sparring during training.
Five other males have begun a strength study, now in progress, by increasing their dosage to 6 tablets a day, two after each meal. Two subjects already notice strength increases in bench press and squats. Other increasing effects were noticed after only 2-3 days of using Trilovin 250 in doses of 3-4 tablets per day. 80% of the test subjects, both males and females noticed increases in libido and increases in sexual performance. This potential was not mentioned in the original information supplied to the subjects.
[Dr. Patrick Price]