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I would highly recommend Revalid cream. After using this cream I noticed a truly dramatic improvement in the health of my hair and scalp as soon as 4 days after I started to use it! The dullness that I commonly experienced with my hair as well as hair loss had affected my confidence and despite spending a fortune buying all kinds of products that claimed to be able to tackle my problem, nothing seemed to help Astonishingly Revalid cream did the trick and is truly the best product I have found. It has not only improved the detoriating condition of my hair but has also made me feel happy and confident again, when I look in the mirror!. [Anico]

REVALID conditioner

Revalid conditioner really worked on my hair. Long hair requires constant care and above all a good conditioner. Revalid cream has all those required ingredients that make a good conditioner as I have very long hair and left it in for three minutes. When I rinsed it out my hair was soft and manageable and I had no snarls or tangles. After a week of using both Revalid shampoo and conditioner together I could really notice a difference in the texture of my hair. Highly recommended. [Bett]

REVALID shampoo

I have always had a very curly and frizzy hair and therefore finding a good shampoo which would help me tame my mane has always been a challenge. I had experimented with all sorts of products but none seemed to give me the desired results. Finally I decided to try Revalid shampoo and as expected it worked amazingly on my hair giving me the look which I always dreamt of. I really like using it and I can notice a difference in my hair.
[Carroll M.]


At the age of 44 I was extremely sceptical about experimenting with my hair. I refused to let anything come into contact with my hair. But my fears were overcome by Revalid tonic and it has defintley worked wonders on my hair. The tonic substantially improves the blood flow in the scalp area which is the primary requirement for growth of any kind of hair and thereby strengthens the hair roots as well. And because of Revalid tonic I now look ten year younger, Thanks Revalid! [Linda]

REVALID capsules

I own a beauty salon and my clients often complain about frequent hair loss and irregularity in their nail growth. Inspite of providing them with best available packages their search for the desired result despite our best efforts, could not quite be achived by my team. Revalid capsules were for a revelation to us. It’s contaent of proteins, vitamins and minerals are essential for not only stimulating healthy hair but also nail growth.
[Thomas Mc. C]


I found the Revalid tonic is good for my light brown hair. When I was young I brewed herbs like chamomile and stinging nettle for rinsing. But it takes a time and now that I have a job and family I have to rely on prepared products for my hair care. Revalid tonic contains all my favourites herbal extracts in such high concentration, you could never match at home. Revalid tonic this is for me. [Marie]

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