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Sea Buckthorn

I've been using the Sea Buckthorn capsules for 7-14 days now and my keratosis is more clear. It was moderate to severe when i started, but now i'd say it's a mild case. I was just using the lotion and soap. they got me into the "way worse" phase, but when i started the drink i entered the "cure" phase. all i take is 2 capsules in the morning, after breakfast. Elena

I have the sandalwood, aloe, and seabuckthorn shaving cream versions of EJ. I don't really detect floral scents from sea buckthorne. This scent is very unique. Jacob

About  Sea Buckthorn Shaving Soap,  the scent is fruity & fresh,  a rather sweet flowery scent. Its hard to describe. Soap is Soothing and moisturizing. Fragrance I'd never sniffed before.  I am agree it's an unusual and quite pleasant scent. Michael

It seems that you are onto something great here with the Seabuckthorn, I have tried to copy your regiment but in my country we have limited access to products. I'm drinking the pure juice daily & also using the Weleda seabuckthorn moisturising cream at the moment on my legs & my arms & my skin really do seem to be clearing up. (Previously it has only cleared up with extra virgin coconut oil & sun tanning). I have ordered the seabuckthorn and I intend to add this to my plain liquid soap & shampoo so that I can get an all over body treatment. The oil is mixed in with sesame oil, so hopefully that doesn't affect it. Dorena

I am using the EJ Sea Buckhorn soap currently. The smell is a little flowery, but it is good soap. Very nice lather with good cushion from the blade. It also leaves your skin very soft. I really like the soap. Same excellent scent as the cream, and the performance is better than good. Alexander

Hi All, I received the soap from yesterday. Wooden bowl was well packed etc. The scent dry was very clean with a hint of citrus. Couldn't wait to give it a run this morning! Me for context: 45, not particularly sensitive skin. Coarse beard. Took my first Sea buckthorne shave cream and have shaved every day during 2 month. The brush loaded well but I found that the soap needed a bit more water than other soaps/creams I have tried to really develop lather in the bowl (have been using VDH, Bigelow cream and Tabac) although not substantially so. Agitating with my brush, the aroma was subtle but VERY pleasant. Clean, citrus-like with a hint of apple and fresh cut clover. Smelled like summer! Thus far, this is my wife's favorite in fact. William

Sea buckthorn has a smell that is very much like citrus and mango, although it is completely unrelated. When I was in Finland, I found sea buckthorn for the first time - it is called "tyrni" there. The plant grows near the sea and has small, orange berries which have a citrusy taste and which are extremely sour. In fact, I was told to freeze the berries to tame their acidity. I found them to be quite tasty on top of ice cream. You can also get juice, oil in different forms and facial and hand cream in bio shops or online. Daniel

In addition to their attractive taste and color, the berries are extremely high in vitamin C and A, Is why they are used in shaving soaps and other cosmetics. I have the Muhle Aloe Vera soap and I really like it so the Sea Buckthorn and Sandlewood from Muhle made it on to my 'To Try' list. I would suggest using the product for a solid 1-2 weeks at least and then review!. Anthony

I haven't tried the soap, but I received several samples of Muhle shaving creams including the sea buckthorn cream, and I really liked the scent. The cream performs well. I love sea buckthorn. The Sea Buckthorn scent is great.. Fresh mango is what springs to mind. I have only used the cream version but I was very pleased with the results. Ivan

I read from a French thread that mixing a few drops of pure sea buckthorn oil with the aloe vera gel had great effects on the skin. The concentration of pure sea buckthorn oil, whereas you're sure how many drops you'll have mixed with the aloe vera gel, which is wonderful to moisturizes the skin, as well as to apply the oil evenly on your skin, without staining your clothes (because it is known that the sea buckthorn oil stains easily). Moreover, aloe vera is advised in cases of skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis : so why not keratosis pilaris ? Marie

I purchased Buckthorn soap but couldn't use it do to the overwhelming perfume smell, since I am sensitive/allergic to perfume. However, I would be interested in using the Sea Buckthorn Oil if it indeed did kill the domodex and will try to make handmade soap from it. Emily

I started using the Sea Buckthorn soap by Audrey about a month ago.
Within two weeks, I noticed drastic improvements to my skin. My skin was more hydrated, the redness in my KP bumps decreased by about 50%, and my face looked better (probably the exfoliation). But I can't use the Aubrey soap because of the smell. Right now I use Blue Sage but I am going to try pure Sea Buckthorn oil next time. Chloe

I started using the Sea Buckthorn soap by Audrey about a month ago.
Within two weeks, I noticed drastic improvements to my skin. My skin was more hydrated, the redness in my KP bumps decreased by about 50%, and my face looked better (probably the exfoliation). Chloe

Then my Sea Buckthorn capsules arrived in the mail. I started taking two a day, and my KP worsened after 4-5 days. The redness increased, and I broke out with quite a few pimples on my body. This breakout makes me think I do have the mites, but the soap alone was not enough. Mariam

I am taking 1 capsule per day and also fruit oil, 1 t.sp. per day. I am going to stop taking the liquid and switch to sea buckthorn capsules. I think it is enough. I suggest going with Seed and Fruit Sea Buckthorn oil together. It is more natural. Sophia

I'll keep using these products every day and see what happens in the coming months. My local health food store also sells the Sea buckthorn gel capsules and drink mix, and I'm thinking about adding at least one of these to my regimen. Does anyone know which would be more effective, the drink or the capsules? Emma

Capsules more effective. I didn't see anything unusual for the first two weeks, but now three weeks in I am excited to see that I've developed some large pus-filled acne bumps on my arms, back and a couple on my face. I never thought I'd be happy to see pimples, but if it means the treatment is working then hooray!? Mia

Sea Buckthorn