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Terms & Conditions

Terms, Refund policy, Privacy policy

1. All information is given and Products are supplied in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of www.naturalelixir.com (herein referred to as NE). The end-user/importer is herein referred to as the Buyer.

2. The Buyer accepts full responsibility for use of all Products and services supplied by NE. The Buyer affirms that they will use the Products only under the guidance of their physician.

3. The Buyer affirms that they are of legal age and capacity in their country to agree to these NE Terms and Conditions.

4. Disclaimer.
Before starting to take any product, it is vital that you should discuss it with your doctor! Do not use it on your own initiative, without medical advice. The Buyer is wholly responsible for any improper usage of products or usage contrary to medical advice. Always discuss with your doctor possible side effects, contraindications for use of a product or any food and drug interactions. The Buyer is wholly responsible for any side effects that may occur while taking a product. We do not offer any medical advice: all information is supplied only on a scientific and educational basis. Always use the products only under the guidance of your physician. NE is only a trader, not a manufacturer; any requests or complaints about a product should be made directly to the relevant manufacturer, not to NE.

5. The Buyer warrants that they hold NE free of any and all legal action and prosecution. This includes any entrapment procedures that may be perpetrated or attempted by law enforcement and government agents and/or their agencies.

6. Delivery time.
Ordinarily, delivery to UK or EU country takes 4 - 7 days, to USA takes 6 – 9 days and to other destinations 6 – 14 days. However the Buyer must allow NE up to 4 weeks for processing and shipping the order after the date when we receive payment. For generic drugs delivery ordinary takes 12 - 16 days, but sometimes up to 5 weeks.

7. Discrete shipment.
For security reasons NE may ship orders in separate parts with a time lag of 2 - 7 days between parts. Please allow for this before raising a query with us.

8. Courier services for product shipments are strongly NOT recommended and will only be undertaken if the Buyer has met NE courier release paperwork requirements. All charges including freight and taxes must be met by the Buyer', including all return costs if the products have to be returned to NE.

9. To avoid any mailing problems and for security reasons we ship orders in unmarked envelopes by regular air-mail. The envelope is opaque, and is printed only with your name and address. Meanwhile sometimes (in 1-2% cases) problems with order might occur due to your national regulations on medicines and due to detaining of product by Customs. In that case we suggest that you have a physician's prescription for ordering product.

Refund Policy:
10. NE will not be held responsible for misdirected mail. In the event of loss of the order the products may be reshipped if the reason for loss was beyond Buyer’s or NE’s control. However, no Refunds will be given.

11. If NE shipped the wrong products, the Buyer must contact NE before undertaking any action. If the fault is identified and agreed upon, NE will reship the right Product or give a full Refund.

12. In the event of products being detained by a foreign customs authority the loss rests with the Buyer. If the products are returned by customs, then, when the products are received by NE, they may be reshipped again. However, no Refunds will be given.

13. NE reserves the right to refuse to accept an order without explanation of the reason. If the Buyer has been already paid for such order the NE reserves the right to issue a 100% refund to the Buyer.

14. If the Buyer wishes to return product, NE will not be obliged to issue a refund (except under the circumstances in section 9)

Privacy Policy

15. We will never share, sell, or rent individual personal information with anyone without your advance permission or unless ordered by a court of law. We use security measures to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of data used by our system. Information submitted to us is only available to employees managing this information for purposes of contacting you or sending you emails based on your request for information and to contracted service providers for purposes of providing services relating to our communications with you.

16. We will not disclose your credit card number or bank account number or other financial information to anyone, except with your express permission or if we require doing so to comply with a legal process. All transactions are secured by SSL encryption.

18. NE will only supply Products under these Terms and Conditions, which are non-negotiable. By placing an order you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.