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Avoid Impotence
with an incredible new energizer direct from Europe


bout a year ago, a new “wonder drug” for impotence came on the market. The first reports were very optimistic: this wonder drug supposedly acted instantly and worked fantastically for hours.

People often assume that the newest and latest is the best. They are quick to jump on the bandwagon without looking at the big picture or possible side-effects. In the end, what many people are looking for are cures and remedies that in fact have already been in use in other countries for ages past.

Men in India, China and Greece have avoided for centuries what Western doctors call “impotence” by taking an inexpensive supplement made from a common weed. This supplement has been used since the first Olympic games in ancient Greece and was part of the training regimen that produced the classically beautiful Greek physique. Ayurvedic doctors in India use this herbal extract in widely-used potions that energize sexual mood. Modern clinical tests have repeatedly documented what these long-established cultures already know: “impotence” can be overcome. Test after test has demonstrated that this simple herb, all but ignored by Western medicine until now, can ifluence libido, the quality and quantity of sperm.

An amazing aphrodisiac with no adverse side effects
Modern scientists working with this age-old compound have found many added benefits too. They report that this amazing herbal supplement is rich in biologically significant components that safely cleanse the body’s chemistry, help deter the formation of painful urinary and kidney stones, provide complete doses of calcium, phosphorus, iron and protein, and - best of all - it provides these benefits alongside powerful aphrodisiac effects. Effects so powerful in fact that this herb has a reputation throughout Eastern Europe as one of the strongest aphrodisiacs available. And it has no known adverse effects. That’s right, no negative effects.
My friend Tony is a company representative based in Eastern Europe, where this incredible supplement has been used for hundreds of years.

“I am convinced,” Tony writes, “that when this herbal supplement is used as part of an overall program of exercise, diet and other nutritional supplements, any man or woman over 50 can regain or continue an active lifestyle.”

Tony, who is 54 years young, uses this supplement himself, and reports enthusiastically about how it has improved his life. It not only boosted Tony’s energy levels, but also has freed the pain that plagued his joints, lowered his cholesterol level and increased his libido.

“My libido definitely increased,” Tony reports with satisfaction “My serum testosterone level increased to 661 nanograms per ml (that’s a 260% increase) and my cholesterol level dropped to 157 (a 20% decrease).”

Tribulus terrestris L., from which Trilovin 250 is made, is commonly known as Puncture Vine, and has proven itself for centuries. Physicians in ancient India first recognized the plant’s aphrodisiac properties and recommended its use in rejuvenating formulas and the treatment of sexual deficiency. Recent research in Eastern Europe, where organically grown Tribulus terrestris is cultivated and harvested, has confirmed these properties and discovered many more benefits of this incredible little plant. And Trilovin 250 uses only the Bulgarian variety of Tribulus terrestris - the most potent form.

Trilovin 250 and Testosterone
The results of these clinical tests were so incredible that I didn’t believe them at first. But after I saw the documentation, I couldn’t wait to tell you about Trilovin 250.

In ancient India, a preparation of Tribulus terrestris was used to treat impotence and fatigue, so the doctors used Trilovin 250 in a study of fifty patients complaining of lethargy and fatigue for periods of two to six months. They observed an overall improvement (45%) in all symptoms.

In yet another study, a group of men suffering reproductive disorders ranging from impotence to infertility were treated with Trilovin 250 for 30 to 60 days. The results confirmed previous observations, improving libido without producing side effects. Other positive changes observed in the long term study included reduction in blood cholesterol levels, improved mood and increased self confidence.

Today’s version of this awesome impotence fighter is organically grown and harvested using specific methods to ensure a freshness and potency that actually improves on the centuries-old healing properties of the extract. The very qualities that have given Tribulus terrestris L. its remarkable reputation have been upgraded and improved to formulate Trilovin 250.

Clinical tests show that it increases libido, while for men it increases the potency and strength of erections, and even increases the quality and quantity of sperm production. All this, without the harmful threats of hormone therapy or the side effects of more commonly used supplements. For optimum efficiency, Trilovin 250 should be taken in doses of 1500 mg per day (2 tablets 3 times a day) for two weeks. After this, most people take a week off from the supplement, and then take it as a regular part of their supplemental diet, especially in times of low performance or strenuous activity.

Doctor tested, doctor proven with no adverse side effects
Doctors at the Chemical Pharma-ceutical Research Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria, discovered that Trilovin 250 is extraordinarily rich in biologically significant components, including plant steroids, saponins (powerful aphrodisiacs), flavonoids, alkaloids (which cleanse the body diuretically), natural oils, calcium, phosphorus, iron and protein. They found that it has no adverse effects, has low toxicity, and no negative effects when used as a nutritional supplement.

Their tests showed Trilovin 250 reduced cholesterol levels and blood pressure and inhibited stress-induced clumping of blood platelets. By gently boosting testosterone levels, Trilovin 250 can increase red blood cell counts, helping the body transport oxygen, especially in older men. Trilovin 250 has anti-bacterial, anti-filarial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties as well.

Muscle strength, sexual activity and Trilovin 250
Tests in the USA showed that bodybuilders increase their lean tissue (approx. 450 g) after 40 tablets - 20 days supply of Trilovin-250. Trilovin-250 help quicker muscle recovery during intense training periods.

Trilovin 250 is a safe, natural substitute for expensive, painful and sometimes risky hormone replacement therapy. As a natural, organically grown and harvested extract, Trilovin 250 has proven itself for centuries and in test after test to provide all the libido-enhancing power of the more common herbal supplements, combining all of their added benefits in just one package, with no side effects.

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Caution: Always consult a doctor before adding any supplement to your diet. Men with a history of prostate problems or swollen prostate diagnosis should monitor that condition frequently if they choose Trilovin 250. Trilovin 250 may not increase libido for men with diabetes or arteriosclerosis. Disclaimer: The statements in this publication have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.