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Home prepared Sea-Buckthorn oil


ash the berries, and press to remove juice (they are very soft and squashy).
Drain the mass of pulp, seeds and skins and blend it in a food processor. Mix olive oil (or sunflower oil, or almond oil) with the blended mass (2 parts oil to 3 parts blended pulp) and leave for 3 weeks in a dark place at room temperature (25oC), re-mixing occasionally. After this time, carefully pour off the oil layer and store in a bottle, preferably in a dark, cool place. The oil incorporates the vitamins and bio-active components from the berries, and with suitable storage will keep its healing activity for a long time.

Sea-Buckthorn juice: healthy and refreshing


or a healthy and refreshing drink, blend the fresh juice and pulp from the berries with water (1:1), or with water and apple juice (1:1:1). You get a refreshing drink with a pastel-orange colour and a delicate aromatic aroma. But remember that the berries have an oily component (9%) which will separate on standing; you may want to re-blend the juice shortly before drinking. CHEERS!

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