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Revalid Hair Tonic - Hair follicles AntiAging Tonic and scalp blood circulation Stimulator


Caffeine, extract of birch, stinging nettle and chamomile; isopropyl alcohol, panthenol.

Revalid Hair Tonic for external use is an energizing formula with Caffein and natural ingredients* that help fight the follicle aging process. Stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. Revalid tonic helps to keep the hair healthy and beautiful. The tonic substantially improves the blood flow in the scalp area, which helps hair grow and strengthens it. It regenerates that hair and scalp, preventing premature hair loss and stimulating hair growth and cell renewal. Tonic reinforces weak hair, protecting it from damage and making combing easier. Caffein in Revalid Tonic exerts a positive effect on the vitality of hair roots, making them stronger. Panthenol soothes the scalp. As a result of use the hair shaft becomes thicker and stronger. Also Revalid Tonic has a calming effect.

1. After every hair wash massage gently into the scalp.
Normal use: 4-5 times per week.
Intensive care: 2x daily for the first two weeks.
2. Carefully break off the tip of the vial and distribute the contents over the scalp.
3. Do not rinse.

For greasy and dry hair or hair with dandruff. For all hair types for prevention hair loss.
For women and men.

revalid tonic

Produced in EU
by Swiss license.

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How Effective Caffeine is for Slowing Down Hair Loss
Hair loss is imminent in any individual’s life as he or she ages. For most people, being bald affects their self-esteem in a considerably way. But, recently conducted researches have shown that caffeine can be very effective in slowing down the loss of hair. Results from research demonstrate that caffeine can act as a potent restorative substance for hair loss. By applying caffeine to your hair follicles, you can not only retard hair loss but also encourage the growth of new hair.
One major factor you must understand is that drinking a lot of coffee is not good enough to supply caffeine to your hair follicles. Drinking coffee can only supply a limited amount of caffeine to your scalp. For more caffeine to reach your hair follicles, you must use a special carrier. The special carrier can be a hair shampoo or hair tonic. So, it is highly advisable that those wishing to slow down their hair loss or encourage growth of new hair should use a powerful shampoo or tonic with caffeine as one their major ingredients.

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