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Revalid Conditioner repairs damaged hair structure and replenishes the natural oils of the hair.


Silicone emulstion, Biobranil (concentrated extract of wheat bran). Revalid conditioner is very high concentrate of protein
(17 amino acids).

REVALID Conditioner improves hair structure, leaving it soft, shiny and supple without weighing it down. Makes combing easy.
The conditioner makes the hair volume and softness. It nourishes the hair, promotes healthy scalp, repairs damaged hair structure, replenishes the natural oils of the hair (preventing it from drying out) and calms and soothes the scalp.

After washing, spread evenly over moist hair. Let it act for a while, comb through and rinse thoroughly.

For daily use. For all hair types. For women and men. For best results use it in combination with Revalid Shampoo.

Revalid Conditioner

Produced in EU
by Swiss license.

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Protein Conditioner to Help Get Rid of Dry and Damaged Hair
Dry and damaged hair can be more easily breakable as they are considerably brittle and weak. People with damaged hair will have the cuticle of their hair in a cracked condition. If your hair is damaged to a great extent, your cuticle could be severely worn off and consequently, you could possess a higher risk for breaking of hair. Supplying your with protein can make a lot of difference. Your hair will be much stronger and easier to manage. As a result breaking of hair comes down significantly. Protein conditioner is an efficient and affordable option for dry and damaged hair than getting treated regularly in the salon.
You can also find protein conditioners with relative ease. They help to make your follicles stronger and improve the health of root thus imparting your hair gloss and smoothness. Protein conditioners with amino acid in them are even more effective. The combination of protein and amino acid will take care of every strand of your hair making it look collectively vibrant. In addition, protein conditioners also help hydrate the hair to get rid of the dryness. You can say good bye to dry and damaged hair for ever by using a powerful protein conditioner.

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