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Benign prostate enlargement (BPH) and special type of pumpkinseed oil

Statistics inexorably testify that problems with the prostate gland (prostate) can begin to appear in men near the age of 40 and continue to progress, as men grow older. These problems occur when hypertrophy of the prostate develops (benign prostate hypertrophy - BPH). The prostate gland is a special gland in men. This gland is sometimes called the "second heart of man".


rostate participates in the production of semen. During ejaculation it secretes an alkaline fluid that forms part of the semen. It contributes to the essence of smooth muscles, with the reduction of these muscles ejaculation occurs - i.e., the ejection of sperm. The prostate enlargement (prostate hypertrophy) can lead to the obstruction of the neck of the bladder, impairing urination.

Between the ages of 40 and 59, 60% of men already have an enlarged prostrate gland. In men near the age of 60, 75% of them had this illness. At the age of 80 years only one in five men does not have the expressed adenoma. Recently this illness has strongly rejuvenated. It less unusual now for thirty year old men to have an enlarged prostate. The majority of patients turn to a doctor only when they begin to note the stagnation of the urine (the bladder is not completely emptied, it leaks urine, or there is a constant smell of urine). In such neglected cases, almost always there will be problems. Surgery is then required, which frequently leads to complications: to haemorrhages in the bladder, and often to impotence. In certain cases: the age of the patient or the individual characteristics of the prostate, the operation is simply impossible.

The prostate hypertrophy or adenoma can be considered as the specific manifestation of climacteric changes in men?

Symptoms and the stage of the prostate adenoma progression:
Stage 1

Frequent night marches into the toilet (more frequent than one time per night). One of the initial symptoms of the adenoma is that the jet of urine becomes thin and splashes as it flows vertically downward.
Stage 2
In the course of time these phenomena are strengthened: urine is liberated in drops with the great effort, the total delay of urination can arise. In neglected cases the urine emerges involuntary, slowly, without a satisfying urge and without removing the sensation of the overfilled bladder which gradually puts pressure on the urinary tracts, which contributes to the expansion of renal pelvises and cups of the kidneys. As a result bacterial inflammation appears - pielonephritis, kidneys stones are formed frequently.
Stage 3
In neglected cases the total delay of urination with the development of chronic kidney deficiency possibly even uraemia, can sometimes have a fatal outcome.

Some scientists and doctors consider the prostate adenoma to be the first stage of prostate cancer. On the contrary, other scientists do not consider these illnesses to be connected to each other, since in the majority of cases they affect different divisions of the prostate gland. However, the leading role in the development of adenomas and prostate cancer is played by the man's sexual hormones. A high level stimulates the prostate enlargement.

Link Between Prostate Health and Hair Loss
Male pattern baldness is a condition emanating from the effects of testosterone production. Most men may not realize that both enlarged prostate, technically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (or BPH for short), and male pattern baldness, result from the same pathology in the body, overproduction of the hormone hihydrotestosterone (DHT). Blocking 5-alpha reductaste, which causes formation of DHT in the body, causes prostates to significantly shrink back to normal size; inhibiting 5-alpha reductase, cutting down DHT levels, helps maintain healthy hair too. For more information read here

The uncontrollable enlargement of prostate gland is stimulated by dihydrotestosterone, and it is suppressed by phytoestrogens that are contained in some plant products. If you feel the first symptoms of the prostate adenoma, protect yourself immediately changing your dietary habits and taking adequate natural preventive treatment! It is completely reasonable, for the purpose of prevention of the growth of the prostate gland in all men, who are already 40, to start taking for at least 2-3 month per year of PEPONEN capsules. This course does not harm the body in anyway, so you have to try it.

Studies showed that prostate adenoma appeared more rarely in those men, who frequently ate boiled tomatoes. Scientists think that active tomato substance - lycopene, which renders protective action, is released, when tomatoes are heated.

All these products contain zinc. This very element in these products, is the basis of preventive maintenance and associated treatment of the adenoma of the prostate. It was discovered before that zinc intake led to the decrease in size of the gland and the decrease of the symptoms of disease. Scientists argue it is connected with the involvement of zinc in the hormonal metabolism. It is necessary to get creative with our daily menu. It is possible simply to put one or two handfuls of the purified pumpkinseeds into soup or porridge. Seeds in the dishes will swell from the water and they become soft. They are especially good in combination with buckwheat and millet porridges. It is possible to decorate meat or vegetable ragout with pumpkinseeds. Seeds are added into the dishes usually 5 minutes prior to readiness. Rye bread with the seeds of pumpkin possesses truly royal taste.
FORBIDDEN PRODUCTS are peppers, canned foods, smoked foods.
There should be limitations on the use of meat, eggs and alcohol.

So, what should we do to avoid this problem? The answer to this question is surprisingly simple. The best treatment of prostrate adenoma is castration. This "method of treatment" was discovered in the 19th century and it resembles a well-known evil joke. When one asked the doctor: "What can I do about my headache?" The doctor answered, "Try the guillotine". However, for some men castration can be a reasonable alternative to the possibility of death from neglected prostate adenoma. Indeed an increase in prostate is completely offensive. It puts constant stress on the muscles of the bladder, which leads to their weakening and in the course of time converts the bladder into a flabby sack, which is already incapable of forcing urine out. Urine begins to be liberated not by jet, but only by small portions or even by drops, in spite of the bladder being completely full. All this can lead to its rupture, and death is the immediate consequence. Why are the causes of prostate adenoma? The causes of prostate adenoma are obscure. No connection has been established between diseases of the blood, diseases of heart, diabetes mellitus, cirrhosis of the liver, venereal and chronic infections of the organs, control of urine-genital system, sexual activity, or the use of tobacco and alcohol. Then at the same time, the biochemical mechanism of the development of adenoma has been established - this is the excessive influence of testosterone hormones and dihydrotestosterone on the cells of the prostate.

How to fight prostate adenoma?

It is possible to use castration, but this is a rather ludicrous way of solving the problem. There is another method of treatment. It is possible to begin taking synthetic medicines. Commonly used medications are finasteride (PROSCAR), terazosin (HYTRIN), doxazosin (CARDURA) and tamsulosin (FLOMAX). These medicines are the indisputable conquest of pharmacologists. However, chemotherapy, utilised in such cases, frequently cause side effects. The other point - chemotheraputic medicines are not inexpensive - they are well over $200 for a monthly course. And these medicines must be consumed for years. It is possible to attain similar therapeutic effects in the fight with adenoma using plant medicines.

In contemporary herbal science the most popular phyto-medicines for treating prostate adenoma are pumpkinseed oil (Cucurbitae Pepo), the extract of fruits from serenoa palm (Serenoa of repens) and the extract of African plum crust (Pygeum of africhanum). The treatment with phyto-medicine is effective on stages ONE and TWO of adenoma development. This course of phytotherapy must continue from 6 months to several years. When using phytotherapy regularly, a significant improvement in patient's health will take place during the first few weeks and even days, after which many men usually cease treatment. This is connected with the fact that the plants possess and anti-microbial action, these rapidly stop the inflammatory process in the prostate, which is usually associated with adenoma, while the basic disease continues to develop. In time the disease will become manifest, but with more noticeable symptoms (total retention of urine, the dysfunction of kidneys, etc.). Therefore phyto-medicine should be taken, not only for several weeks or 1-2 months, but continually and combined with regular visits to an urologist.

Pumpkin seed oil - 300 mg
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Enigma of the Pumpkinseed oil capsules
Each capsule contains 300 mg and new packing 600 mg of pumpkinseed oil. Scientists discovered that this oil contains high level of the active ingredient: delta-7-sterine., This steroid specifically compete with dihydrotestosterone dangerous for the receptors in prostate. So, capsules neutralises it's undesirable action on the gland. Pumpkinseed oil in PEPONEN capsules is stable to oxidation processes. Capsules are obtained by the method of the cold pressing of pumpkinseeds, performed under specially controlled conditions. Dosage: 2 capsules 3 times per day during 2 month and after: 1 capsules 3 times per day during 1 month (for 300 mg capsules) and 1 capsules 3 times per day (for 600 mg capsules).

Taking PEPONEN - The man does not have a problem!
Among the therapeutic herbal medicines used for the treatment of prostate enlargement, one product has been successfully recommended now for 10 years. This product is named PEPONEN. PEPONEN capsules contain pumpkinseed oil, obtained from the seeds of a special type of pumpkin (Cucurbitae Pepo convar. pepo var stryriaca), which is then put through a special cold pressing process. The seeds of this pumpkin do not have a solid rind, but they a fine film. According to thoroughly studied scientific literature from 1892 until now, it was found that people who used pumpkinseed oil in their, rarely had the increase in the prostate gland and such diseases, as hypertonia and arteriosclerosis. In 1986 Hungarian scientists carried out the first thorough clinical test of this kind of oil on the prostate gland. In the course of four months, sixty patients with the prostate adenoma were given two capsules of PEPONEN three times a day, then, during the following four weeks, one capsule three times a day. Already after the first month of treatment the improvement was significant (the patients now rarely had or had completely stopped having, the urge to urinate at night, they had less pain during urination, and had a stronger jet of urine).

Night marches to the toilet ceased in two out of every three patients!

In 1988 an extensive study on 100 patients with prostate adenoma was performed. These patients had already received PEPONEN in the course of 30 months. Only in 20 patients it was necessary to do intensive chemotherapy or surgery. The condition of the remaining 80 patients was considerably better treatment or they were completely cured as a result of long-term PEPONEN intake. Unpleasant symptoms no longer were reappeared in the majority of those observed. And there were no noticed side effects using PEPONEN treatment, with the exception of some rare cases of diarrhoea. At the same time when the prostate adenoma was strongly neglected (3-4 stages), PEPONEN could no longer help and chemotherapy or surgery was necessary. So the results of this comprehensive clinical study showed that if the prostate adenoma is not neglected (before stage 3), PEPONEN can serve as a highly effective medicine, and this natural method does not give any side effects and it is comparatively inexpensive.

And on a different note, scientists justify that the extra active sexual life of men is in no way related to the frequency of the adenoma of the prostate. But prostate cancer in sexually active men is occurred much more frequently. Scientific abstracts In the countries of Balkan Peninsula the diseases of the prostate gland are rarely encountered, since Balkan people use in their diet pumpkinseeds in large proportion. Scientific abstracts Pumpkinseed OIL
Selected Experimental and Clinical data. Scientific Articles (Abstracts).

Prostrate cancer and brilliance
Scientists found out that testosterone and dihydrotestosterone the specific neuro receptors in human brain, performing the role of an intellectual tonic. Scientists intuitively feel that those men with an increased amount of sexual hormones in their blood, (and this means also in the brain) are more talented. When such men were tested intellectually, they performed much better intellectually. Brilliant people often have an increased passion, but they also dying more often from prostate cancer, because prostrate cancer progresses faster when sexual hormone level is higher.

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