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By Amanda Thomas. Medical and science journalist.
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For centuries, Mumijo has built a reputation on its variety of uses mostly related to health and longevity

Mumijo which is pronounced: moo-mee-o is a naturally occurring dark mineral substance found in rock crevices at altitudes of 2,000 - 5,000 meters in mountainous regions of Asia.

For centuries, Mumijo has built a reputation on its variety of uses mostly related to health and longevity. Specifically, Mumijo has been shown to benefit both the human metabolic and immune systems. The origin of Mumijo is shrouded in mystery, and its actual composition has been a matter for debate for centuries. There are those who believe that is a concentration of fossilized honey, beeswax and bees nests that have evolved to their current composition over thousands of years.
Whatever the truth is about its origins, there is no doubt Mumijo offers great medical properties, rich in silica, rare amino acids, valuable minerals and fatty acids, the "Blood of the Mountains" or "Tears of the Rocks," as it has been called in its native land, has been regarded as a national treasure in Russia for many centuries. Indeed Mumijo was so valuable that at one time its export was illegal and it remained the area's most closely guarded secret.
But apart from the general benefits to health and longevity, what specific impact does Mumijo have on treating disease? Mumijo is recognised to have antibiotic, analgesic antibacterial and antiphlogistic properties and has been proved to be effective in the treatment of: liver disease, kidney disease, gastrointestinal disease and food poisoning. It has also proved effective in fighting the pain of toothache. It has been used successfully in alleviating the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and also in treating viral infections like influenza and viral hepatitis. Allergic symptoms respond well to treatment with Mumijo.

The use of Mumijo in treating burns and accelerating the healing of other traumatic injuries as well as postoperative healing has been well documented. There are virtually no contraindications to taking Mumijo. It is non-toxic and safe to use over all age groups. It is given to pregnant woman in Russia to promote the growth of a healthy foetus, containing as it does, all the elements necessary for human growth.

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Mumijo SPA

In their article Aillo et al detail the use of Mumijo as a widely used traditional medicine, especially in Russia, Altai Mountains, Mongolia, Iran Kasachstan and in Kirgistan and report that Mumijo preparations have been successfully used for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in these countries demonstrating immune-stimulating and anti-allergic activity. In their study they investigate the chemical composition and the biomedical potential of a Mumijo product collected from Antarctica. They report that the yellow material originates from the snow petrels, Pagodroma nivea. Extensive purification and chemical analysis was carried out on the material collected and it was revealed that the fossil samples were a mixture of glycerol derivatives. In vitro experiments showed that the Mumijo extract caused a strong neuroprotective effect in cortical neurons against the apoptosis-inducing amyloid peptide fragment β-fragment. In addition, the fraction rich in glycerol ethers/wax esters displayed significant growth-promoting activity in permanent neuronal PC12 cells.

Finally the authors concluded that this new Mumijo preparation had distinct and marked neuro-protective activity, very likely due to the content of glycerol ether derivatives.
Whatever the truth about the origins of this amazing product, there is no doubt that its efficacy across many disciplines and in many different settings, cannot be denied. As it’s reputation spreads and its popularity increases, we can only anticipate what future studies and experience will teach us about the remarkable Mumijo.

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