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Mumijo Cleansing and Face care Lotion

ourishes skin greatly and strengthens blood circulation. It fasten skin regeneration. Spots disappear, it makes face firmer and improve its' color.

30 ml of water
1 g of mumijo (5 pills)

Dissolve pills of mumijo in a water and apply the solution using cotton pad on a face and neck. The solution must not get into eyes. Leave for 15 -20 minutes and wash off.


Simple Mumijo Acne Treatmentn

Pimples and blackheads become dry quickly and are easily separated.

Moisten 1 pill of mumijo in water. When you feel it beginning to dissolve on the surface, take it out of water and dub skin pimple with this pill. Repeat several times, if a pill dries out. You may leave for a few hours before rinsing your skin.

Mumijo Cleansing Facial Mask

Help get rid of acne, improve blood circulation and providing skin nutrition.

1 tsp of honey
1 pill of mumijo

Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with mumijo on a water bath. Apply a thin layer to skin with in for 15-20 minutes and then wash everything off.

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MUMIO in tablets. Each capsule contains 200 mg mumio.

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