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ELLAGIC ACID - natural alternative to anti-tumor medicine


istory of Cancer Prevention
Published research on ellagic acid appeared in the early 1970s. First true studies began in early 1990. However, folklore remedies involving phytochemical extracts fhave been around for centuries.

Clinical Studies
The Hollings Cancer Institute at the University of South Carolina completed a double blind study on a large group of 500 cervical cancer patients that has everyone excited. The Hollings Clinic has identified the Meeker Red Raspberry for their studies. Our product is only made from Meeker's red raspberry seed flour. Other Studies come from: College of Medicine, University of Illinois Northwestern University School of Medicine Department of Preventive Medicine, Ohio State University.
Scientific abstracts

Ellagic Acid - Mode of Action
Ellagic Acid itself is not naturally present in plants. However, polymers of Gallic acid and hexahydroxydipenoyl (HHDP) are linked to glucose centers to form compounds known as ellagitannins. When two Gallic acid groups are linked side by side within a tannin molecule an HHDP group is formed. Ellagic Acid is the result when the HHDP group is cleaved from the tannin molecule and spontaneously rearranges.

It is the ellagitannins that are present in red raspberries.

The Meeker Red Raspberry contains the most ellagitannins and is thus the best source of Ellagic Acid.

Other foods such as strawberries, pomegranates, and walnuts contain much less amounts of Ellagitannins. The bioavailability from these other sources has not been confirmed.

Food Soureces
Ellagic acid can be obtained by eating strawberries, cranberries, walnuts, pecans, pomegranates and the best source, red raspberry seeds.

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Scientific abstracts