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In dealing with many problems in life it is the first step which is the most important, and this is especially true in the case of cancer. The patient plays an absolutely key role in the recovery from this disease, and has to take an active part in the medical treatments right from the start.


an we enhance the effectiveness of anti-cancer medications?
Besides the advances in primary medications that destroy tumours, the important role of supplementary medicaments, the so called supportive care medications, has achieved growing recognition in recent years. Amongst these supportive care products is Avemar, a special dietary supplement which – taken regularly – has been found to improve the quality of life of cancer patients: to improve physical condition, to decrease tiredness, and furthermore to contribute to the success of the primary anti-cancer treatments.
Reports on successful human clinical trials (carried out in Hungary and other countries) – in cases of colorectal cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, lymphoma, oral cavity cancer, head and neck cancer – can be read on the next pages:
more about Avemar, scienitifics Abstracts about Avemar.

When is Avemar recommended?
Prestigious scientific publications, almost ten years practice in cancer treatment and the recommendations of institutions of health all agree in saying: Avemar is recommended for cancer patients as supportive therapy to clinical oncological treatments (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy etc.). So Avemar is not a replacement for conventional treatment; but it is a valuable addition to clinical oncological treatments or medicaments.

Race against time!
You can start taking Avemar at any time, but it is worth doing so the moment that cancer is diagnosed. It is recommended to take Avemar regularly without breaks during the medical treatments, and to continue until full recovery from the disease is attained. It is not recommended to stop or break the taking of it, because if you do then the positive effects of Avemar will decrease. But if you have already interrupted the regular supplementation there is no problem with starting to take it again.

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Avemar is basically a fermented wheatgerm extract; this is the active ingredient, to which flavouring and subsidiary materials are added to achieve a more pleasant taste.

Wheatgerm is the basis of Avemar; but this material is transformed in the course of the pharmacological preparation process, using biotechnology, so that essential chemical changes occur to the ingredients of the wheatgerm, and new molecules are created. These chemical changes are the reason why Avemar cannot be compared to other wheatgerm products, or be replaced by them.

Avemar is an over-the-counter dietary supplement, registered in 2002 by the Hungarian National Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition with an indication for use in cancer treatment. The product is in the form of microgranules with light-brown colour and a slight odour of oranges, packed in sealed sachets. It is very easy to use: the granules in the sachet should just be dissolved in a glass of cold water, and the solution then drunk.

Where to buy AVEMAR?

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